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Nesto malo drugacije...  :smile1:


   Built to Satisfy
* 2X nicotine strength and 3X vapor quantity of leading vapor products
* controlled power and temperature allow for a smooth delivery system
* liquid-to-wick cartridge system ensures thick, consistent, flavorful vapor     Smart Interface
* easy to use - no buttons or switches, simply insert JUULpod into JUUL and draw
* indicator light communicates battery life and pull strength
* magenetic USB charger
* internal temperature regulation     Technology & Chemistry
* small battery with high discharge rate to accommodate ~200 puffs/charge
* juice & cartridge sponge wick system efficiently deliver full and consistent vapor
* coil temperature regulation delivers appropriate amounts of power during use

  The science behind breakthrough satisfaction Unlike other vapor products, JUUL is the only system that uses the nicotine salts found in leaf tobacco - the natural state of nicotine - rather than free-base nicotine. This makes a huge difference in how nicotine is absorbed by the body, which is crucial for a satisfying vapor experience.
Without nicotine salts, average vapor products (like e-cigarettes) can only accommodate about half of JUUL’s nicotine strength - much less than what’s in your average cigarette. For us smokers, this leaves something to be desired.
JUUL’s nicotine salts allow you to quickly vaporize an amount of nicotine that is closer to what you’d normally receive from a cigarette - 1-2mg of nicotine per 10 puffs.


Juul je kul ;D

Taj reklamni slogan je i meni pao na pamet...  ;D

podseca me na kutiju sa nozevima za skalpel ;D  a za 50 dolara moze svasta od kvalitetne opreme da se kupi :o



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