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Variable Voltage and Vaping Power Chart

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Different types and brands of atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers all have one thing in common, they all have some type of heating coil which converts power delivered by your batter to heat. The heating coil can have different resistence level, which simply means that it requires different power levels to achieve ideal heating temperature. Consequently, variable voltage option allows you to set ideal power output depending on brand and model of atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers you are using. It is important to note that highest voltage is usually not ideal power setting and can lead to burning of e-juice or even risk of coil burnout. Therefore, always pay attention to Ohm rating of atomizers, cartomizers, and clearomizers when purchasing one.
An Ohm rating indicates resistance level of a heating coil inside e-juice delivery device. Lower level (or Ohms) require lower power level to achieve proper and safe heating temperature. Higher level require higher power output. If set voltage exceeds designed resistance level, you will get a burned taste and it can even can lead to the coil burning out completely. If voltage is set too low with respect to resistance level, vapor production will be low and inefficient.
So to help you with ideal voltage setting you will need two things: resistance level of your e-juice delivery device (indicated in Ohms) and Vaping Power Chart. The Vaping Power Chart indicates ideal power level or voltage for specific resistance level indicated in Ohms.

How To Use Variable Voltage and Vaping Power Chart
* Find resistance level (in Ohms) on packaging of your atomizer, cartomizer, or clearoomizer
* Locate row for this resistance level on left side of the chart
* Follow this row to the right until you locate cell (or cells) indicated by light green color
* The corresponding number on top of the chart for a specific cell indicates voltage level required to achieve certain power output
* If there are more than one light green cell within the specific row, it means that there is a range of ideal voltage level. It is up to you to decide which level works and taste better for you. Play around with different voltage within the range, but try to stay within light green area.

Izvor: http://www.misthub.com/blog/tutorial-variable-voltage-and-vaping-power-chart/

Part 1: Safe Vaping Power Chart for Variable Voltage E-Cig

The variable voltage ecig is a kind of advanced personal vaporizer which can adjust the output voltage on demand for those experienced vapers.

This “Safe Vaping Power Chart” below will give you a quick reference to choose the best voltage to work with the resistance of atomizers. Of course, alot depends on personal taste.

The resistances in this chart from “1.0ohm – 4.0ohm”, and the voltage from “3.0V – 6.0V”, this will meet most of the vaping devices in the market. The numbers in the color cells are “Powers (W)”

How to use this chart

    Power is measured in Watts, The formula’s is: Watts = Volts * Volts / Ohms
    Basically, stay out of RED because it’s dangerous, stay out of BLUE because it’s useless.
    Stay between DEEP GREEN and YELLOW you should be fine, stray outside and you may or may not like the result.

For normal eGo / EVOD battery users:

Most of the eGo and EVOD battery in the market can provide constant 3.7V output voltage (some are range from 3.3V – 4.2V), you can’t change the voltage by yourself. So you need to change the resistance of atomizers if you want different vapor experiences with different watts.

The resistances of atomizers designed for eGo/EVOD style batteries are most range from 1.5ohm – 2.8ohm, which can meet the different vaping demand from starters to serious vapers.

The PCB designed for these batteries will protect the battery by shutting down the system if the resistance is too low, such as <1.5ohm or power >10W. Too low resistance will short the batterys’ life span.

For Variable Voltages / Variable Watts mods users:

The important thing of the VV mod is your personal taste. Almost all the popular VV mods in the market can adjust voltage from 3.0V – 6.0v, just dial up from low to high to test until you are happy with the vapor production.

You don’t need to check the chart for the VW mod cos it will indicate power on the screen. But you need to care your atomizers with high power, that also means high temperature. Make sure the coil of the atomizers can work under that power or you will burn your atomizers.

Now some VW mods can support power up to 20W or even high, so the coil is very important for the high power.

OHM Law Calculator

Part 2: Sub-Ohm Vaping Power Chart

OK, Sub-Ohm RBA or Mech Mods are only for Advanced / Expert vapers who have basic knowledge of electronics. They put their life on the edge. What they are looking for is HIGHER and MORE HIGHER POWER.

We here suggest the vaping power of sub-ohm range from 20W-30W, depends on the vapor demands and the safety of battery.

First of all, we need to know the Safe Amp Limit of the popular batteries in the market.

The “Sub Ohm Battery Chart” below will give you a quick reference when rebuild your RBA and choose the battery to make them work perfectly.

From the chart above we get the safety vaping power fro sub-ohm is range from 19.32W (4.6A * 4.2V) to 25.2W (6A * 4.2V), if you don’t know the specification of the batteries.

Here we get the Safe Sub-ohm Vaping Power Chart depends on the chart above:

The interesting thing is that the 0.7ohm seems to be the best way to go for the duration of your battery.

Part 3: conclusion

All the charts above are depends on the safe usage of the batteries and atomizer, as well as the vapor production. But most of time, you need to get the best vaping power with your own testing. Vape like a boss and vape safe!

Zahvaljujem gibalanu za izvor: http://www.ecigator.net/blog/safe-vaping-power-chart-variable-voltage-e-cig.html

jel ima možda odnos w-om meni se na ego mega twist regulišu w

Snaga je navedena u svakoj tabeli do sada u odnosu na odredjeni napon i otpor atomizera ..

U ovoj tabeli je navedena struja ( A-amper ) u odnosu na napon i otpor na atomizeru...

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