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Genesis coil jig


1. Metal stand, has 510 connector for atomizers + hole for handle. It can be used to install a handle, as well as atomizers. The diameter of the stand: 40 mm. Height: 15 mm.
 2. On the head of the tool, the following parts are located: Screws with knurled, located opposite the stands, for convenience when working with tool. At the top of the head are two interchangeable stands, opposite the screws, which allows them to change their positions to position the winding of spirals, under your atomizers. Also, in the upper part there is an opening with an adapter, for inserting wicks with a diameter of 4.2 and less than millimeters. Head diameter: 18 mm.
 3. The tool handle has a diameter of 20 mm in the thick part of it, it lies comfortably in the hand. Material: Ebonite.
 4. The connection between the head and the handle is realized through a standard 510 connector, which allows to screw on the any atomizer, for installation of spirals. Also, the head can be screwed on any off Box mod, for better stability, when working with a tool.
 6. The total height of the instrument is 100 mm excluding the stand.
 7. If you want to screw the head of the instrument on the of the Mechanical mode, do not forget to remove the battery. Also, if you want to screw the head of the instrument into the Box mod, turn it off.

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