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Vape Dudes - tecnost sa kofeinom umesto nikotina
« poslato: Novembar 02, 2012, 20:16:15 »
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  • eJolt

    The Vape Dudes call the e-liquid their eJolt line and it packs about 16mg of caffeine per 10 puffs.

    This piqued my interest.  I wondered what would happen if you swapped out stimulants in your e-liquid.  So I decided, why not, I’ll give my impressions of the stuff.

    Let me first preface this review with this:  this really isn’t an e-liquid review.  My palette isn’t very sensitive and flavor is highly subjective, so I sit that part out (opting instead to hand the juice stuff over to guest authors).

    The cool thing is that eJolt is available in their entire flavor catalog, so just pick something you like.  I went with my favorite e-liquid from the dudes, Blue Honey.

    You can get eJolt in your favorite flavors at the Vape Dudes website.

    Did I mention I have coupons? First time users can save 40% with code vapedudes and repeat customers can save 25% using my exclusive code: STEVEK

    Ok, What’s the Deal?

    As I mentioned in the intro, eJolt comes by default with no nicotine.  The company recently added an option to add nicotine to the liquid for a small charge.

    Might as well get this out of the way.  I am in no way any sort of medical-type person, so on a scale to no biggie to Norman Bates, I have no idea how crazy adding nicotine into the mix is (or vaping caffeine to begin with).  Do so at your own peril

    Anyway, I got mine before the option to add nicotine in existed, so the juice I’m sampling is nic free.  There’s actually not a very high amount of caffeine in the e-liquid.  According to the site, you get about 15mg per 10 puffs.  That’s actually less than a decaf coffee, believe it or not.

    Of course you don’t inhale your cuppa joe, no matter how fast you drink it.  Plus, you’re likely going to take way more than 10 puffs (I guess that’s about one cigarette’s worth).

    The eJolt line is also a touch more expensive than the typical nicotine e-liquid from the Vape Dudes.  A 10ml bottle will cost about a buck and a half more than the regular stuff.

    In all reality, unless you want to be shakier than one of those yappy dogs with a nervous condition, you’ll probably use the eJolt a lot less than traditional e-liquid.

    Does it Work?

    I intake a stupid amount of coffee on a daily basis.  So I’m pretty used to nicotine.  I attempted a little experiment one morning by replacing my coffee with vaping eJolt.

    That didn’t really work out too well.  I apparently need e-Coffee, because I couldn’t go without at least that first cup in the morning.  After that I used the eJolt in combination with regular nicotine e-liquid (I’m not giving up coffee AND nicotine on the same morning!)

    It seemed like I could cruise along alright using the e-liquid, but nothing stood out as particularly buzzy about this stuff.

    Interestingly, I’m writing this review at night and using the eJolt as I write it.  I definitely feel like I’ve got a pretty good cafeine buzz going.  I’m going to guess that I’ll be having a hard time sleeping in a couple of hours.

    Bottom line seems to be that it does actually provide the stimulant effect.  I also think that it’s a case of trial and error to find out what sort of vaping patterns would work for you if you’re interested in trying it.  I don’t think I would load up on the nicotine version and use it as an all day vape.


    Product: eJolt Caffeine e-Liquid
    Available from: The Vape Dudes
    Price: $7.99/10ml $22.99/30ml

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